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The 'WELL Building Standard' & designing for health & wellbeing

Posted by Simon Wyatt on May 5, 2017 11:58:28 AM

On Thursday May 25th, Simon Wyatt, Health and Wellbeing Director at Cundall, will be joining us in our showroom for a special talk as part of Clerkenwell Design Week. A pioneer in workplace wellbeing, Simon will outline Cundall’s experience of delivering the first project in Europe to achieve WELL Certification, as well as a number of other case studies where health and wellbeing has been at the centre of the design.

Ahead of his appearance, Simon gives us insight into the current state of wellbeing in the workplace, and a brief introduction to what the WELL Certification means for the future of office environments.

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Topics: Productivity, Wellbeing, Design, Ergonomics, Sustainability, Facilities Management

Understanding how your company culture is your brand

Posted by Richard Ferris on Apr 12, 2017 12:45:00 PM

Earlier this year we saw how many organisations are unaware of how to instigate effective workplace benefit & amenity schemes. A lack of understanding when it comes to aligning perks with company values means that facilities at best go unused, and at worst have a negative effect on employee productivity and wellbeing. This isn’t always the case, and many companies successfully create a perk scheme which reflects and reinforces the company culture.

Today we look at some success stories from around the world, showing how a little bit of thought can create an effective amenity strategy which benefits everyone whilst also increasing the attractiveness of working within the company.

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Topics: Wellbeing, Facilities Management

Company culture, and why it matters when it comes to office design

Posted by Richard Ferris on Jan 18, 2017 11:45:00 AM

Company culture. A term that was virtually unheard of before 1970, growing exponentially in use from the 1980’s onwards (thanks Google Ngram). The idea of company culture is regularly discussed by strategists and CEOs & business leaders the world over, and with good reason. Understanding your company culture is key to ensuring your employees are happy and productive, and it is vital when it comes to office design. Knowing your culture gives you the tools you need to design an environment which brings out the best in your employees, and lets your company thrive.

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Top tips for wellbeing in the workplace

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