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Mindful Creativity @ Clerkenwell Design Week

Posted by Richard Ferris on May 22, 2017 10:00:50 AM

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Health & Wellbeing. Two words which are increasingly visible in newspaper print and online, when talking about all aspects of our life. And no wonder. With the latest figures showing a further decline in standards across the UK, it's a topic that everyone should be waking up and paying attention to, if they wish to live a long and happy life. But what is the answer to this national dilemma?

To help us find out, we have invited 8 In the Universe to join us during Clerkenwell Design Week who will be hosting a one hour multi-sensory workshop entitled 'Mindful Creativity', reflecting their holistic approach to workplace wellbeing - mind, body and spirit. 

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About Mindful Creativity

Ahead of their workshop next week we caught up with 8 in the Universe co-founder Marian Connor, who gave us a little insight into why they run their workshops, and what to expect if you are attending. 

Marian: People are unique individuals and making lifestyle changes and forming new habits is challenging. All of us have specific requirements at different times of our lives. What is needed is a more creative and tailored approach to help improve and maintain our own health. That’s when we come in.

At 8 in the Universe we deliver the essential nudge that turns good intentions about improving your health and happiness into sustainable actions. We create bespoke multi-sensory workshops and holistic experiences that fuse current scientific knowledge with traditional disciplines for a better understanding of how ‘all aspects of life’ impact on your wellbeing.

We have developed ‘8 Elements’ that deliver successful solutions on a diverse range of topics, including from Happy to SAD, Heart Health to Mindfulness, Resilience to Seasonal Nutrition. We throw in entertaining talks, interesting activities and curious accoutrements for your delectation which inform, inspire, entertain, enthuse, nurture and empower people to squeeze the best they can from life, to be well and flourish. How wondrous is that?

What can we expect to hear from you at Clerkenwell Design Week?


I Talk a bit.

You Think a bit.

We Do a bit.

This workshop will illustrate the interconnection between Mindfulness and Creativity. How they can nurture your brain and enhance your mood.

You will focus your senses with aromas that you can use to sooth and inspire.

You will use your hands to encourage cerebral activity, and leave armed with practical actions you can use to help you be in the present, and be more creative.

8 in the Universe will be hosting Mindful Creativity as part of the SB Seating schedule for Clerkenwell Design Week. If you are interested in attending, please register for free via the image link below.

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Co-founded by Marian Connor & Karen Reed, find out more about 8 in the Universe:

Instagram @8intheuniverse

Twitter @8intheuniverse


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