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Stand up for an active office life - The Evening Standard

Posted by Stacey Turner on Apr 29, 2016 1:10:50 PM

If you picked up the Evening Standard yesterday you may have seen HÅG featured in an article which discussed the importance of staying active at work ahead of  todays On Your Feet Britain campaign. 

HÅG was mentioned as a brand which brought more movement into your office life due to its unique mechanism and centrally paced tilting point. 

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Workstation Wellbeing Design @ CDW 2016

Posted by Stacey Turner on Apr 20, 2016 12:10:46 PM


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HÅG SoFi at the Centre of CIA mission - Criminal

Posted by Kieran Dowling on Apr 15, 2016 8:37:00 AM

Criminal Movie released featuring the HÅG SoFi

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workSpace Invaders - How do Gen Z see the office in 2025?

Posted by Kieran Dowling on Mar 30, 2016 9:54:17 AM

You may have seen our workSpace Invaders project in the press recently. It has been covered by a number of publications including Design Curial, FX Mag, On Office, It's Nice That and The Spaces.  The coverage received points to uniqueness and intrigued stirred by an innovative approach to looking into the future workplace. 

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Come and visit us at the Milan Fair

Posted by Stacey Turner on Mar 21, 2016 1:29:00 PM


HÅG will take part in the InsideNorway exhibition/Norwegian pavilion at the Milan Fair (Salone del Mobile) on 12th-17th April. Salone del Mobile is considered by many to be the world's most attractive furniture & interior design fair so we are very happy to be attending. 

A highly acknowledged Norwegian architectural & design practice, Metropolis, is responsible for our stand design and exhibition including the colours, materials and product selection.

For the first time a mixed exhibition of products from different Norwegian furniture/interior brands will be shown. HÅG products to be showcased are HÅG Capisco Puls and HÅG Conventio Wing in the new colour range as well as the HÅG Capisco and HÅG SoFi.

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What HR managers should consider when choosing an office chair

Posted by Kieran Dowling on Mar 9, 2016 2:52:25 PM

The role of an HR Manager is to look after the welfare and wellbeing of their staff. This can also include choosing the most appropriate and comfortable office chair.
If you have ever had to put up with a cheap, uncomfortable and non-adjustable chair you will already know the reasons why; a poor chair makes for an unhappy team member. Problems such as back ache, neck trauma and pain in the shoulders can become common-place, affecting both health and happiness. As far as the HR Manager is concerned this can equate to days off work, lengthy periods of sickness and even a decline in performance.

Things to consider

So given all of this, we can see that selecting the best office chair is crucial, but what elements should HR Managers consider before they make their final decision? They need to take time to do their research and focus on key factors. After all, having a good chair to sit in can result in increased productivity and, long-term, the success of the company.

There are really four key factors that come into play; durability, comfort, mobility and adjustability.
Three of these are all pretty easy to assess when examining a range of chairs as robustness, types of adjustments and ease of movement can be ticked off a check list. But what about comfort? This is a much harder element to judge, so we have broken this down into several key areas that HR Managers need to examine:

Backrest for back support – This is absolutely essential as the lumbar support needs to be adjustable to provide a good structure for the curve at the base of the spine to rest against. It needs to be curved to match the spine and easily adjustable to suit different heights. It should also not be too narrow; a width of anywhere between 12 – 19 inches is fine. Ideally it should also tilt so that as you move in the chair, the lumbar support follows you.

Seat – This should be sufficiently wide enough to be comfortable when you sit in it with a least a one-inch gap on either side. As far as depth is concerned, there should offer between 2 and 4 inches of space when measured from the back of the knee to the chair edge when your back is right up against the backrest and feet flat on the floor. Make sure that there is a seat lift to give correct height; when sat in the chair, your thighs should be parallel or with a gentle slop from the hips to the knees. A waterfall edge also gives better comfort while reducing pressure on the blood flow.

Armrests – should support both arms and be fully adjustable, not getting in the way when the chair is against the desk. If they are too high or low, you will end up with neck and shoulder problems.
Base – look for a five pointed star shape as this gives the most stability; metal and wood will be sturdier than plastic. Casters should be chosen for the type of floor where the chair is placed.


Finally, you should look at things like weight capacity, a nicely padded seat and back, a robust fabric or leather cover and a good pneumatic or mechanical lift for the seat. Controls should be easy to access when seated. You may need a chair that swivels if the user will be using a traditional office desk. Finally life expectancy and manufacturers guarantee are very important as these influence the true cost of the seating solution chosen.
Pay attention to all of these factors, choose a well-designed office chair and have happy staff that are comfortable all of the time - from 9 ‘til 5!

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“Approaches to Obesity in the Workplace”: A Summary

Posted by Stacey Turner on Nov 24, 2015 4:04:33 PM

Experts from a range of industries came together for an in-depth discussion on “Approaches to Obesity in the Workplace” last week, which was co-hosted by SB Seating and COSAFE LIMITED and took place at the Clerkenwell showroom of Scandinavian Business Seating. Professionals working in physiotherapy, facilities management, nutrition and healthcare, ergonomics, health and safety and manufacturing heard from panelists on ways in which extreme obesity can be tackled from the outset and what can be done to remedy it in a workplace environment. Attendees heard from Professor Gillian Leng CBE - Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Health and Social Care at the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), Kevin Charles – Director and Barrister at Crossland Employment Solicitors and Erlend Weinholdt – Lead Ergonomist at SB Seating, with Xenia Koumi of COSAFE LIMITED chairing the discussion.

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School Chairs – the good, the bad and the Ugly

Posted by Kieran Dowling on Nov 12, 2015 7:21:50 PM

School Chairs – the good, the bad and the ugly


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Workplace Well-being Event- "Approaches to obesity in the workplace"- Panel Discussion and Networking

Posted by Kieran Dowling on Nov 4, 2015 11:27:32 AM

Date: Wednesday 11th November
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Location: Scandinavian Business Seating, 63 Central Street, London EC1V 3AF


Join Scandinavian Business Seating and COSAFE LIMITED on the evening of Wednesday 11th November at the Scandinavian Business Seating showroom in Clerkenwell, to look at the issue of obesity in a workplace setting and to discuss why this will soon become a major consideration for occupational health and health and safety professionals, ergonomists and facilities managers alike.

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Top 5 tips to keep students alert in class

Posted by Kieran Dowling on Oct 23, 2015 12:28:08 PM

Keeping students alert in class

Its no shock to reveal that students are getting less and less focused in the classroom. The amount and depth of distractions continues to rise. You have everything from sugary foods to iphones to social media all competing for students attention and collectively contributing to a scenario where its becoming ever more difficult to keep students alert in class.

The odds are stacked against teachers, yet all is not lost. There are some actions and initiatives you can take to help students stay alert and focused. Just a 10% increase in focus can have a huge impact on learning and results. 

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